Co-Parenting TRUCE

Time for a REALity Check and call for Co-Parenting TRUCE.

A truce is an agreement to stop fighting. A temporary cessation of something unpleasant, allowing opposing parties to pause from their conflicts and opening an opportunity to try and work things out, amicably.

In my work, I pride myself to be solution focused.

When separating, many parents find themselves trapped in a bitter feud, unaware that they are putting the children in the middle of a battle ground where they do not belong.

Whether you are at the beginning of a conflict or have been deep in conflict for a while, give yourself the gift of a Co-Parenting TRUCE.

Allow yourselves to take a time out from the bitter legal battles and emotional torment and step into a neutral space where you will be assisted, supported, listened to and encouraged to take the next step towards a mutual understanding, sparing your children from further hurt and stress, and moving forward as co-parents, wishing to demonstrate your commitment to a new kind of future where your children will not be abused by their parents’ ongoing conflicts.

We understand that you are at a loss because your relationship with your ex is far from being agreeable.

If you are dealing with an attorney, it is most likely that he/she is making a case of your conflicts.

Your family, friends, however well intended they are, are biased, and you feel their advice may not be the one you need right now and the schools are possibly urging you to send the children to a psychologist. Your world is falling apart. Your emotions are being challenged. Your anger and fears are growing and you have one real wish: If only my co-parent could be more supportive, if supportive at all.

To reach out to the very person who is making you angry and with whom you have a damaged trust and broken communication is however a difficult task.

Parents who are struggling with high conflicts and parental alienation, battle to move forward.

I have designed a Co-Parenting Truce letter, which you can use to reach out to your co-parent. With this letter you will be raising your concern for your situation and the impact it has on your children and will also be able to share the process so that both of you can walk the same journey towards healing, and enjoy the love you share for your children.

In order to engage in this process, you need to understand, that however hurt and/or angry you may be, this is not about blaming and shaming your co-parent. What lead to your separation has nothing to do with your responsibilities you have as parents to your child(ren).

I understand the torment that a separation can bring and, without judgement, I offer a space where parents in conflict can feel safe to take a time out, address their emotions and subsequently re-focus not just on raising their children but on celebrating their children.

Loving your children is not court ordered!

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