Divorce Coaching

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While a divorce can be daunting, it is often the solution. But the news of a divorce can also leave you feeling experiencing painful emotions and loss of direction. You may be unsure whether it is the right decision for you;You may believe that your relationship is still worth saving;Or you may just want to engage in the divorce process knowing that you are in charge of your emotions, not the other way round.

So how is divorce coaching different from therapy?

A divorce/separation requires some major adjustments in one’s life. Moving on can be very challenging and for many, making sense of their emotions is a challenge in itself.

Divorce Coaching provides you with practical and emotional support before, during and after your divorce/separation. You will learn skills and techniques to enable you to cope with your divorce journey and life transition.

Divorce Coaching helps you get back a sense of self, figure out what’s important to you and get clarity about your options and what you want. It helps you look at the things you need to achieve both emotionally, practically and financially in order to move on feeling that you are in control and happy. It will guide you through steps you need to take and empower you to find balance in your life.

Divorce coaching looks at the bigger picture, is non-judgemental and acts to support you.

As a Divorce Coach, my role is to support you through this tough time, helping you to create a Solution-Focused action plan for living happily ever after.

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