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Divorce in India: Why Divorce is the End of Life in India

If you’re wondering about marriage/relationship coaching and whether or not it’s right for you, first know that it does not mean you are a step away from divorce.

People seek all sort of counselling/coaching for the sole purpose to learn something that they don’t know or to solve a challenge they are ill equipped to overcome on their own.

So even though for many, marriage/relationship coaching means saving their marriage/relationship from divorce/separation, it shouldn’t have to be that at all.

REALationship coaching ought to be seen instead as a way to fine tune some habits that were formed during the relationship and do not contribute to the good health of the relationship.

In my opinion, healthy relationships don’t need hard work. This doesn’t mean however that the relationship will not experience conflicts and setbacks. Relationships need to be nurtured because they comprise two or more people with different needs and wants, and when communication has become strained somehow, the relationship can become troubled.

While divorce/separation may be necessary and the healthiest choice for some, others only need the support of a relationship coach to assist them manage and conquer their obstacles.

That being said, my utmost favourite REALationship Coaching is when individuals understand that a successful and healthy relationship begins with them. There is no better way of entering a relationship and knowing who you really are!

If you are encountering some problems and issues in your relationship and can’t seem to find your own solutions, or you would like to avoid making some preventable mistakes, then REALationship coaching is right for you.

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