A Divorce is the legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other competent body typically with an undesirable effect.

A Divorce is a decision with emotional consequences that is, at its best, a difficult undertaking.

The end of a relationship is however much more than this.

The upheaval of divorce involves the heart-breaking process of separation, along with the added stress of legal issues, perhaps having to move, additional financial burdens and changes in parenting arrangements. This highly emotional situation is likely to affect everyone involved.

Whether your relationship was short or long, there is so much more than a legal dissolution which needs to be considered.

A Divorce, realistically, entails 3 divorces:

  1. The Emotional Separation
  2. The Financial Division and Sharing of Children
  3. The Legal Divorce

And they ought to be addressed in this order.

When caught up in the adversarial family law system with some unscrupulous family attorneys who use threatening strategies and intimidating methods of representation, you will only be facing aggravation in an already difficult situation.

We need to recognise that this adversarial process produces nothing else than the breakdown of families, long term trauma for all involved and little hope for children to grow up well-adjusted and happy.

With Mediation, therefore, we undertake as promptly as possible, to address the major issues in order to ensure that divorcing couples can move on as quickly and painlessly as possible. We also encourage parents to consider mediation because of the many benefits it holds for children in divorce. While it is natural to want to fight to protect your relationship with your children, we are here to support you to keep your children at the centre of the love you share for them and not in the middle of your conflicts. 

Mediation is a voluntary, interactive and solution focused process used in a way to assist and resolve dispute between 2 or more parties. Mediation keeps the focus on the needs and rights of the parties and helps them to negotiate an agreement in a results-driven manner.

Mediation is broadly becoming recognised as a more peaceful and accepted solution to end conflict.

Our Courts are increasingly supporting mediation in divorce proceedings as a family law dispute resolution process and South African Divorce Attorneys are encouraged to adopt this non-litigious collaborative approach.

Many times, divorcing clients feel stuck and unable to make critical decisions about their life, leaving the legal process unable to move forward.

Mediation is different from going to an Attorney in that it will support the clients in the divorce process by guiding them to make decisions themselves. It will not tell them how to handle their legal, financial and personal affairs but it will guide both parties through the process, if not more amicably, then more efficiently.

The mediation we offer has a primary purpose of being the resolution of matrimonial disputes outside of the Courts thereby avoiding litigation.

We offer the following services:

  • Mediation

Our Mediation services cover all Family and Divorce related issues and we recommend mediation as a Sensible Solution to an Emotional Decision.

  • Care & contact

Care and contact of minor children form a very important aspect of a divorce/separation and as such require proper and professional attention.

  • Maintenance Matters
  • Parenting Plans
  • Guardianship disputes
  • The Voice of the Child

When parents separate or divorce, decisions have to be made that will have significant impacts on their children. Finding ways to include children’s participation in those decisions is often referred to as promoting “the voice of the child”.


Unsure about this process? You can Book an initial consultation to evaluate if this is the right option for you.

 What are you trying to achieve in court that cannot be done in Mediation?

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