Because of today’s fast pace life, we are not always able to take the time off for ourselves.

Seeking Counselling/Coaching/Mediation can be a challenge in itself.

For those who find themselves in this dilemma, I am offering Online services to provide anonymous, convenient assistance in the privacy of your home or office.

My Online services are:

  • Designed to be easy.
  • Available Worldwide.
  • This is a private practice conducted by myself only.
  • All email responses, live chat or telephone services will be held by myself only.
  • These can be provided in English or French.

This can be done through either:

  • Email or
  • Live chat(Skype/ Teams/ WhatsApp)

Live chat ConsultingRequires an appointment

Live chat services closely mimics face to face consulting.  This option provides clients “real time” dialogue with me in private.

Video chat allows for consulting anywhere in the world.

Email ConsultingNo appointment needed 

This is a convenient and effective way to forward some questions and concerns and receive feedback via email.

I have found that clients benefit from this option not only by receiving feedback, but the actual “act” of writing down your thoughts and feelings has been found to be highly therapeutic. It allows you to formulate your thoughts and feelings in an email and ask specific questions at your own pace.

Emails are responded to within 72 hours after payment has been received.

CONNECT with me to schedule your consultation option.

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