Parenting Plan

Our way of life is mostly designed for children with one home, but with the normalisation of separating families, children now more often have two homes creating some challenges and requiring adjustments in schedules.
Although parenting plans attempt to put the best interests of children first it is more often about trying to meet the needs of the parents involved. When a parenting plan is based upon the parents’ unique needs it is more often than not at the cost of hostility and conflicts between the children’s two homes and ends up harming the children most.

I like to remind Parents that, “The Law doesn’t raise children, parents do!”. I focus on what parents want that is best for their children so that the children can feel free to love and be loved by both their parents so they can adapt best to their new two homes set up.

Co-parenting is not just about an equal division in time. It is about sharing the responsibilities, obligations and sacrifices required when raising children. Although a well thought Parenting Plan divides responsibilities fairly to allow the minimum impact on the parents’ careers and own schedules and maximises the time children spend with both their parents, my mission is to guide parents to shift their focus from a Parenting Plan to Making Plans being Parents, because Love is not court ordered.

Ultimately, what is in the Best Interest of the children is to value the other parent’s Relevance and Role in your children’s lives.

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