What you are not changing, you are choosing.

Our behaviour is driven by our natural needs for connection, significance, freedom, fun, and survival. When we resist change, it’s probably because our current ways, even if they’re a bit silly, inefficient or just irresponsible, somehow meet these needs.

But hold on! It’s important to take a closer look at our choices and see if they’re truly serving our long-term goals and happiness. We’ve gotta own up to the fact that our choices have led us to where we are today. So, let’s put on our detective hats and ask ourselves, “Are these choices really getting me closer to what I want?”

Making a change means putting on our brave face and trying out new ways of doing things. It’s like shaking up a snow globe to see what beautiful scene emerges. We’ve gotta be open-minded and willing to challenge our old habits, because that’s where growth and excitement lie. It’s time to take the reins and make choices that light up our lives and bring us joy.

Remember, we’re the masters of our destiny! By realising that what we’re not changing, we’re actively choosing, we can tap into our own superpowers. We have the ability to shape our reality and create positive transformations. So, let’s be mindful of the choices we make, embrace the adventure of personal growth, and craft a life that’s vibrant and fitting with your dreams.

In a nutshell, “What you are not changing, you are choosing” reminds us to have a playful attitude, reflect on our choices, and make decisions that lead to a more fabulous and purposeful existence. So, let’s grab life intentionally and engage on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery. You’ve got this!


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