REALity Parenting

Why REALity Parenting?

Because once a Parent, it is a Reality for the rest of our lives.

Whether you’re the parent of an infant or a teenager, you have discovered that parenting can be challenging – even overwhelming at times.

We love our children but can have different ideas of what is best for them. Our role is to prepare them to learn to make good choices and become healthy, happy individuals. To achieve this, we have to care for them from the moment they are born and make sure that their needs are our priority.

Out of everything, parenting is the most important factor that will hugely influence a child’s development, but being a parent does not mean we always have the answers or know what to do and unfortunately, children don’t come with an instruction manual, but they do have a Behavioural Blueprint.

With REALity Parenting, the parent will learn how to help their children manage their social and academic pressures and be better prepared and equipped to assist their children deal with their frustrations, peer pressure, sibling rivalry, learn to understand what motivates them to act the way they do and how to meet their needs efficiently and responsibly.

REALity Parenting can provide you with the necessary skills and tools to support your child’s emotional wellbeing. It will give you the necessary information to not only read your child’s Behavioural Blueprint, but to teach them how to become fluent in their own Blueprint.

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